Let’s try this again (please)


Hey, its me again. Freedom Writer.

It’s only been a couple of days, 2 to be exact, and I have already failed.  I’m sorry.

To be fair, first thing you should know about me is: PROCASTINATION is my middle name. And everything else that follows. Laziness, unwillingness, etc. You want to know the funny part? I want to be a writer … HAHHAHAHA. That even makes me crack up. If I desire to be this writer, shouldn’t that inspire me to follow through on this blog? Well only time will tell. And yes, maybe I am being a little hard on myself but I think I have to be. I will say this, I didn’t think I was coming back. I’m glad I did though.


TODAYS TALK OF THE DAY: CONFRONTAION 64507603-confront-your-fears-written-by-hand-hand-writing-on-transparent-board-photo

What exactly do I mean by this? Well, for all you college students out there. Have you ever skipped class because you didn’t do an assignment? I’m sure 98% of our college student population has. But if you’re part of that 2%, PROPS TO YOU!

I’m part  of that 98%, and lately it seems as if I’m the one leading the race. I’ve been skipping way to many classes and worst part is I haven’t confronted my professors about it. WHAT DO I DO?

Here’s a thought: GO TALK TO MY PROFESSOR!

See I’ve always been bad at this, at confrontation. I can nearly almost handle anything else but I can’t handle confronting a teacher/professor, or anyone for that matter.

Here’s my theory (that literally just came to me): Second thing you should know about me, I want to someday become a teacher. English to be exact. So because of this, I may not want others teachers/professors looking me in the eye and feeling disappointed. What do you guys think? I may or may not be right but I’m glad to have let it out my chest. And to be honest, I think it’s a good theory.

I think it’s time. To stop being scared of confrontation. Don’t you think? I’ll do this I promise to go confronted my professors on Tuesday (bc thank gosh for Memorial Day weekend) and don’t worry I’ll fill you guys in with the details on Tuesday. I you’re reading this, think about something you’re scared to confront and go do it. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but just do it by Tuesday. I think this is a good step in the right direction. WE GOT DIS!

Well that’s all for today, see ya’ll tomorrow! FOR REAL THIS TIME!

Signing off,

Freedom Writer


“Freedom Writer”

Hey, it’s me Freedom Writer,

If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering why I’ve kept my real identity a secret. I guess it’s for many reasons, believe it or not, but I’e managed to narrow it down to three.

  • 1. I want to be selfish. For once in my life I want o this to be mine, for as long as it can be. I know that this won’t last forever, but I want to enjoy it for as long I can. I just want to write, or blog, whatever the correct term is. And if this makes me a bad person then I’m sorry but that’s just freedom-22how I want it to be.
  • 2. I want people to read my work because they actually want to read my work. I don’t want the way I look, the # of followers I have, or even what school or job I have dictate who reads my blog. Yes, I have a Facebook, Snap-chat, Instagram, heck I even made a gaming profile once but that’s not the point here, I just want ya’ll to understand that.
  • 3. I wan this blog to be a place of freedom. Not just for me but for anyone who reads it, or comments, relates, etc. Feel free to share with your ideas, thoughts, comments, passions and anything and everything that you feel or just want to get off your chest. It can be anonymous or not, that’ll be up to you decide. Just let it out, we all need that sometimes. I know I sure do. Let’s just all be Freedom Writers!

Well, that pretty much much sums me up for today. We’re already off to a good start, I can feel it. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while now, I’m glad I finally got the guts to actually do it. And don’t worry, my name will pop up someday but for now this is all I can offer. Baby steps. This feels good, I feel good. I can’t wait to  start sharing/writing with ya’ll! This is a dream, nobody pinch me. I’ll be dreaming till we meet again.

P.S – I plan to write every day so try and keep up.

Signing off,

Freedom Writer